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Tutorial: Open Source Software Maturity Model

Date: 30 May 2016 @ 15:30-17:00

Sony Mobile has gained increased maturity and understanding in Open source software. At the same time they have developed its own maturity model for the open source, called the Open Source Maturity Model. The model supports an organization to clarify their current situation and to understand necessary improvements. The maturity model is not a quick fix but an evolutionary journey for both the development organization and management.

The maturity model contains five levels:
  • Accidental - at this level OSS is driven by developers
  • Repetitive - at this level, management tries to put some OSS governance in place to ensure repeatable intake
  • Directed – OSS in a quality perspective with both intake and contribution
  • Collaborate - at this level are implemented on a broad front and to achieve business benefits
  • Prevail - this permeates the entire OSS organization from management to development
Carl-Eric Mols
Carl-Eric Mols is responsible for Sony Mobile's Open Source Software activities and as part of his work he has packed a lot of the company's experience in a maturity model. Now he wants to validate the model in the research project Scalare (Scaling Software)

Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi is a consultant in software and quality improvement. He has long background working with model based improvement as well as agile coaching. Currently he cooperate with SONY around open source in the Scalare project.