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Accepted Papers

List of accepted full papers:

  • A Bayesian Belief Network for Modeling Open Source Software Maintenance Productivity (by Matina Bibi, Apostolos Ampatzoglou and Ioannis Stamelos)
  • A Study of Concurrency Bugs in an Open Source Software (by Sara Abbaspour Asadollah, Daniel Sundmark, Sigrid Eldh, Hans Hansson and Eduard Paul Enoiu)
  • Certification of Open Source Software – A Scoping Review (by Eirini Kalliamvakou, Jens Weber and Alessia Knauss)
  • Classifying Organizational Adoption of Open Source Software. A Proposal (by Stephen Murphy and Sharon Cox)
  • Combining FOSS and Kanban: An Action Research (by Annemarie Harzl)
  • Core-Periphery Communication and the Success of Free/Libre Open Source Software Projects (by Kevin Crowston and Ivan Shamshurin)
  • Herding Cats: A Case Study of Release Management in an Open Collaboration Ecosystem (by Germán Poo-Caamaño, Leif Singer, Eric Knauss and Daniel German)
  • In-between Open and Closed - Drawing the fine line in hybrid communities (by Hanna Mäenpää, Terhi Kilamo and Tomi Männistö)
  • On involvement in open standards: How do organisations contribute to W3C standards through editorship? (by Jonas Gamalielsson and Björn Lundell)
  • The Impact of A Reviewer's Low Level of Agreement in a Code Review Process (by Toshiki Hirao, Yuki Ueda, Akinori Ihara, Passakorn Phannachitta and Ken-Chi Matsumoto)
  • The Role of Local Open Source Communities in the Development of Open Source Projects (by Sinan Abdulwahhab, Yazen Alabady, Yacoub Sattar and Imed Hammouda)
  • Who cares about my feature request? (by Lukas Heppler, Remo Eckert and Matthias Stürmer)
  • Women in Free/Libre/Open Source Software: The situation in the 2010s (by Gregorio Robles, Laura Arjona Reina, Jesús M. González-Barahona and Santiago Dueñas-Domínguez)

List of accepted short papers and tool demonstration:

  • An Open Continuous Deployment Infrastructure for a Self-Driving Vehicle Ecosystem (by Christian Berger)
  • BugTracking: A tool to assist in the Bug Triage Process (by Gema Rodriguez, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Gregorio Robles, Sekitoleko Nelson and Dalipaj Dorealda)
  • Towards Open Source / Data in the Context of Higher Education. Pragmatic Case Studies Deployed in Romania (by Alexandru Coman, Alexandru Citea and Sabin Buraga)