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Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium Papers
  • Requirement Engineering in Open Source Requirements - The Role of the External Environment (by Deepa Gopal)
  • Qualitative analyses of performance in key parameter code review - Defects Individuation (by Dorealda Dalipaj)
  • Analysing on how the bugs are injected into the source code (by Gema Rodriguez-Perez)
  • Internet of Things and Web Squared: Open for Inclusive Development? (by Katja Henttonen)
  • Predicting Faults in Open Source Software: A Literature review (by Malanga Ndenga)
  • Evolution and Influence of Sub-Groups on Group Productivity and success (by Pinar Ozturk)
  • Competing on a Common Platform (by Rebecca Karp)
  • The Quest for UML in Open Source Projects Initial Findings from GitHub (Truong Ho-Quang)